Sydney has just witnessed a special event when “Vietnam – New South Wales Trade & Investment Business Connect” took place successfully. This is not only an opportunity for Thufico and its Australian branch to connect with Vietnamese businesses operating in Sydney, but also an opportunity for Mr. Tung – CEO of Blue Wise, to show his dedication and dedicated support.

Comprehensive Connection through Thufico and Thufico Food Branch in Australia

The event created a strong bridge between Thufico and businesses in Sydney. Held in the capital of New South Wales, this event attracts the attention of many businesses, creating ideal conditions for establishing business relationships.

Dedicated Support from Blue Wise CEO

In a rapidly changing economic context, the role of businesses like Blue Wise becomes increasingly important. Mr. Tung, CEO of Blue Wise, is not only the manager of a successful business, but also an active supporter of the business community.

Opportunities to Connect and Expand Markets

With this event, Thufico and its Australian branch not only expand their business network but also have the opportunity to capture important market information. Connecting with local businesses helps them better understand market trends and create flexible growth strategies.

Actively Contribute to the Business Community

Mr. Tung – CEO of Blue Wise is not only in a leadership position but also an active teammate, ready to support the business community. His dedication and enthusiasm created a deep impression in the hearts of businesses participating in the event.

Future Prospects

The event “Vietnam – New South Wales Trade & Investment Business Connect” not only brought success on the day it took place, but also opened up many future prospects. The business relationships built from this event can be the key to long-term, sustainable growth.

This event is not only an opportunity for business connection but also an opportunity for businesses like Thufico and Blue Wise to demonstrate their importance in the development of the business community. Thanks to their dedicated support and newly created relationships, the prospects for their future are greater than ever.

Businessmen interested in business investment in Australia and import and export between Australia and Vietnam can contact Mr. Le Thanh Tung – CEO Bluewise Group via phone number +61450 895 589 (Viber/Zalo/WhatsApp) to discuss. be consulted directly.